TIP 363 
Only implement new things on race day when you tried them before and know that you can execute them right!

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You trained and trained and trained to be prepared for raceday. Everything is done over and over and over to get it into your system and have your body adapt in the best possible way. And then there is raceday. A new chance to beat your personal best, finish your first event or just beat yourself. A new chance to implement all those (new) things you trained over and over again. You know how to execute the plan and hopefully this brings your the result you hope for.

It sounds so good. Did you use these tips in training?

And then your are there at the race briefing. Your neightbour tells you about this awesome shoe he has, best nutrition he uses or tire pressure he pumps in his tires. It sounds so good. Did you use these tips in training? No? Well, then don’t try it out in your race. Stick to what you know and what your body is used to. Safe and sure you ruled out another surprise. 

Okay, I must admit. A lucky few do benefit from the pre-race-day-tips they implement, but most won’t. 

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

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